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Annunciator System Upgrades Case Study | D.C. Cook

Organization: American Electric Power’s Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant is located on Lake Michigan’s eastern shoreline in Berrien County, Michigan.

Challenge: The annunciator system at D.C. Cook dates back to its inception. Many of the components and parts are obsolete and require replacements.

Solution: A new annunciator and plant process computer system were installed. Digital displays replaced the original analog panels and alarms. Each display includes between 50 to 100 alarms which monitor all aspects of the plant.

Results: D.C. Cook’s new annunciator system is more efficient, more reliable, and eliminates single points of failure. Operators can quickly research and resolve issues. The system includes a fully redundant “seamless failover” environment. Finally, redundancies facilitate the transfer of functionality between the primary system and the backup system.

Download the case study to learn more.

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