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control room with cabinets
Brochure | 09/09/19 Deterministic Diverse Digital Solutions Built on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-approved RadICS platform, the Curtiss-Wright Digital Safety System (DSS) is fully-qualified for nuclear safety-related applications. This technical paper covers a series of regulatory topics surrounding the use of digital systems in safety-related applications and presents DSS solutions that resolve these industry concerns.
digital control system preview
Case Study | 07/08/19 Digital Control System Case Study | Purdue University Learn how Curtiss-Wright helped Purdue University develop and implement a fully digital control and safety system - the first of its kind to be licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
industrial plant facility
Case Study | 06/07/19 FOMIS Case Study | John Sherman Cooper Power Plant Find out how Cooper Power Plant uses the Fossil Operations Maintenance Information Service (FOMIS) knowledge base to promote knowledge transfer and solve the problem of information gaps across a changing workforce.
power plant worker in a control room
Case Study | 05/23/19 FAMOS Case Study | SaskPower Find out how SaskPower used Curtiss-Wright's Fleet Asset Management and Optimization Solutions (FAMOS) thermal performance and monitoring suite to optimize man-hours and reduce unexpected outages.
power plant control room
Case Study | 04/13/19 FAMOS Case Study | Exelon Learn how Exelon used the FAMOS thermal performance and condition monitoring suite to consolidate their resources while also increasing their performance visibility - allowing them to improve their capabilities while lowering costs.
power plant worker using a tablet and standing in front of computer monitors
Case Study | 02/22/19 FAMOS Case Study | NRG Energy Discover how the WA Parish Generating Station improved plant performance by integrating Curtiss-Wright's Fleet Asset Management and Optimization Solutions (FAMOS) suite with other applications, revealing subtle anomalies and power losses.
Brochure PdP - Predictive Pattern Recognition This brochure describes the predictive analytics technology of PdP, our advanced pattern recognition platform for condition monitoring.
Brochure Ultrasonic Leak Detection (Published in Nuclear Plant Journal) Exelon Generation received a Top Industry Practice (TIP) Award for Ultrasonic Leak Detection. Learn how Curtiss-Wright solutions supported this innovative initiative.
stresswave case study preview
Case Study StressWave Case Study | Wind Farm A wind farm experienced a series of generator failures over a short amount of time. Using Curtiss-Wright's StressWave technology, the wind farm found early signs of degradation on a MW class wind turbine generator, resulting an approximately $155k in cost savings.
Brochure SWANguard Intelligent Condition Monitoring Learn about SWANguard, an intelligent condition monitoring module that is part of our StressWave technology platform.
Brochure Heat Trace Control System This brochure provides an overview of Curtiss-Wright's Heat Trace Control System - a modern analog system that features simple licensing processes and an extended pre-obsolescence life.
Brochure PdP and Wind Turbines brochure This brochure provides an overview of our wind turbine condition monitoring platform.

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