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Curtiss-Wright and Teledyne FLIR Defense Press Release Preview
News | 02/10/22 Curtiss-Wright and Teledyne FLIR Defense Sign Agreement to Provide Unmanned Systems and Integrated Solutions to the U.S. Nuclear Power Market and Department of Energy Curtiss-Wright Corporation announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Teledyne FLIR Defense to supply unmanned systems and integrated solutions to the U.S. nuclear power market and Department of Energy (DOE).
man wearing a hard hat and safety jacket sits in front of multiple computer screens
Case Study | 10/15/21 Curtiss-Wright Expedites Digital Upgrade Project During COVID Shutdown When a large Midwestern utility decided to retire its legacy PPC system in favor of a modern digital alternative, project stakeholders at the plant turned to Curtiss-Wright for guidance. Due to rigorous COVID-19 safety protocols, completing the project required an extra measure of planning, project management, and ingenuity.
USFAR banner
Event | 08/12/21 2021 Virtual UFSAR Workshop 8/12/2021-8/13/2021 Virtual
SDP banner
Event | 08/02/21 2021 Significant Determination Process (SDP) Virtual Seminar 8/2/2021-8/3/2021 Virtual
Curtiss-Wright USA Supplier of the Year Award article preview
News | 07/01/21 Curtiss-Wright Wins Two Supplier Of The Year Awards From The Utilities Service Alliance For Nuclear Industry Technology And Materials Curtiss-Wright’s Nuclear Division announced today that it received two Supplier of the Year awards from the Utilities Service Alliance (USA) in the Materials and Technology award categories.  
Curtiss-Wright Project SAFARI press release preview
News | 06/24/21 Curtiss-Wright Selected to Participate in the Development of Digital Twin Technology for Advanced Nuclear Reactors Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) today announced that it has been selected to participate in Project SAFARI, a U.S. Department of Energy-funded project to develop Digital Twin technology for advanced nuclear reactors.
power plant worker using a tablet and standing in front of computer monitors
Case Study | 06/14/21 Digital Safety System Case Study | South-Ukraine South-Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant has had no failures and no reactor shutdowns due to system errors after replacing their aging safety systems with new EFAS and RTS systems based on the RadICS digital safety platform. Learn more.
Nuclear I&C Modernization: The Future is Digital article preview
Article | 06/04/21 Nuclear I&C Modernization: The Future is Digital In this Nuclear News article, Robert Ammon explains why the modernization of safety instrumentation and control (I&C) systems holds significant potential to transform plant operations.
Curtiss-Wright plant process computer system
News | 06/03/21 Curtiss-Wright Selected by Energy Northwest to Upgrade Plant Process Computer System at Columbia Nuclear Power Plant Curtiss-Wright announced today that it was awarded a contract by Energy Northwest to replace the existing Plant Process Computer system at Columbia Generating Station.
power plant
News | 04/08/21 Curtiss-Wright Partners with Exelon to Offer Valve Performance Improvements to Power Industry Curtiss-Wright announced today it has partnered with Exelon to offer valve performance improvements to the domestic power industry.
wind turbines
News | 03/26/21 Curtiss-Wright Partners With Dolphitech to Provide Predictive Turbine Maintenance and Blade Inspection Services to the Wind Industry Curtiss-Wright announced today it has partnered with dolphitech to provide predictive turbine maintenance and blade inspection services to the domestic and international wind market.
Curtiss-Wright's Cycle Isolation Detects Power Losses from Leaky Valves
Video | 01/29/21 Cycle Isolation Video Curtiss-Wright's complete Cycle Isolation solution identifies leaking valves, determines their severity, and quantifies the amount of power generation being lost.

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