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PEPSE Training 2020
Event | 03/11/20 2020 PEPSE Training 09/15/2020-09/18/2020 Idaho Falls, ID
I&C repair
Video | 03/11/20 I&C Repair Video Curtiss-Wright offers instrumentation and control (I&C) repair services to extend the lifetime of power supplies and electronic modules and eliminate supply chain issues. Learn more in this overview video.
"A Case for Digital I&C" article snippet
Article | 02/18/20 A Case for Digital I&C By Robert Ammon & Mark Burzynski | Published in Nuclear Engineering International

In this article, Robert Ammon and Mark Burzynski make the case for a transition to digital instrumentation and control technologies, which offer safer designs, reduce costs and minimise obsolescence.
Preview of Curtiss-Wright press release
News | 01/31/20 Curtiss-Wright Signs Exclusive Agreement with APS to Commercialize Equipment Anomaly Detection Technology Curtiss-Wright Corporation announced today it has signed an exclusive agreement with Arizona Public Service Company (APS) to commercialize APS’s equipment anomaly detection (EAD) technology.
2020 Symposium | Conference Details
Presentation | 01/29/20 2020 Symposium Presentations Curtiss-Wright's 2020 Symposium explored key topics in Plant Performance and Plant Optimization. Download the conference presentations here.
power plant worker using a tablet and standing in front of computer monitors
Presentation | 01/20/20 Presentations and Papers for PEPSE and PMAX A collection of past Symposium presentations and papers concerning PEPSE and PMAX.
nuclear power plant from a distance
Case Study | 01/08/20 IPAA Suite Case Study | DTE Energy Explore how Curtiss-Wright's IPAA Suite streamlined and optimized DTE Energy's in-processing, access authorization, and fitness-for-duty activities.
power plant
Case Study | 01/08/20 Ready2Work Case Study | Midwestern Utility Learn how Ready2Work simplified and sped up in-processing activities, while reducing time and cost, for a utility in the Midwestern United States.
Article | 12/06/19 Using Immersive Technologies for Troubleshooting, Training and Maintenance By Brenna Wolfe | Published by Valve Magazine

As technology advances, new opportunities are afforded to the power generation industry: get a glimpse at how industry professionals are utilizing immersion technology to better their everyday processes.
cycle isolation monitoring article in valve magazine
Article | 10/29/19 Cycle Isolation: Monitoring for Better Usage By Greg C. Alder | Published by Valve Magazine

Leakage is a major cause of energy and efficiency loss in power plants. One tool for minimizing that loss is cycle isolation monitoring. In this article, learn how cycle isolation works, why it improves power systems, and how it can also help with repair and maintenance.
2020 Symposium | Conference Details
Event | 10/21/19 2020 Curtiss-Wright Plant Optimization and Plant Performance Symposium 01/27/2020-01/29/2020 Clearwater Beach, FL
NRC-Approved Digital Safety Platform
News | 09/19/19 Curtiss-Wright Debuts NRC-Approved Digital Safety Platform Curtiss-Wright Corporation announced the expansion of its digital control systems portfolio with the addition of the Curtiss-Wright Digital Safety System. Built on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-approved RadICS platform, the Digital Safety System is fully-qualified for nuclear safety-related applications.

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