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For the Global Power and Process Markets

We optimize power and process industry performance and efficiency through the modeling, monitoring, deployment, and control of digital assets.

Nuclear Power

With over 55 years experience supporting the global nuclear power industry, Curtiss-Wright has developed custom applications and digital solutions compliant with the industry's stringent quality requirements and evolving nuclear standards. Read more...


Equipment condition monitoring and predictive maintenance play integral roles in the process industries. Curtiss-Wright's solutions offer real-time asset performance management - allowing for early detection and resolution of issues for petrochemical plants, pulp and paper mills, and other processing facilities.

Renewable Power

Curtiss-Wright's predictive maintenance platform, supply chain and inventory applications, and plant performance suite of products increase efficiency and optimize performance for the wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable power industries.


Curtiss-Wright's predictive maintenance and valve leak management applications allow production, operations, and maintenance personnel to make informed, proactive decisions on all aspects of process and system management. We offer both on-site and cloud-based solutions for use in steel, chemical, and other industrial applications.

Performance & Operations

Curtiss-Wright offers an integrated suite of products for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing plant performance. Our specialized software features real-time data analysis for thermal performance, advanced pattern recognition, fault tree analysis, and asset condition monitoring.

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Control Systems

Curtiss-Wright's digital safety system - a direct replacement for analog systems - offers comprehensive system diagnostics and real-time reporting functions unavailable from its analog counterpart. This digital platform delivers system health and performance indications to operations and maintenance staff, significantly streamlining surveillance processes for plant personnel.

Regulatory Compliance

Curtiss-Wright's regulatory compliance solutions streamline and automate screening, authorization, and authorization procedures to get workers on-site as efficiently as possible. By eliminate manual processes, our digital applications improve accuracy while reducing processing time, errors, and data loss.

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Supply Chain & Inventory

Curtiss-Wright's suite of supply chain and inventory solutions offer more than a repository of product data and availability. These robust, web-based platforms facilitate sourcing and exchange for spare parts; inform users of obsolescence issues; and enable knowledge sourcing for peer expertise and solutions.

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Improve Thermal Performance

Power plants face a critical challenge in the optimization of thermal performance - identifying and eliminating causes of inefficiency. Curtiss-Wright offers a suite of thermal performance software applications - designed for rapid finds and diagnostics - along with specialized assessments, testing, modeling, and training to support your thermal performance program and plant engineers.

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Equipment Condition Monitoring

Curtiss-Wright's intelligent equipment condition monitoring platform offers real-time analysis of asset health from initialization and tracks progress of the asset towards damage. This early and accurate assessment delivers asset health information before damage occurs. Using Advanced Analytics technology, we have developed integrated solutions to maintain assets, minimize downtime, and increase productivity.

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Valve Leak Detection

Aging plants, deteriorating valve performance, and increased demand for electric power require careful monitoring for any potential loss of efficiency and generation. Curtiss-Wright's valve leak detection quickly detects cycle isolation issues and automatically estimates the leakage rate as well as generation and heat rate impacts for each leaking valve.

Predictive Maintenance

Identifying and resolving problems early reduces control room alarms, enhances plant productivity, and lowers the likelihood of property loss and serious injury caused by catastrophic failure. Curtiss-Wright's advanced pattern recognition solution provides real-time analysis of the current and future states of monitored equipment. It uses existing data signals to detect abnormal operating conditions and predict upcoming failures before they happen.

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News & Resources


Case Study | Stanton Energy Center

Read about the Fossil Operations Maintenance Information Service (FOMIS) knowledge base helped Stanton Energy Center maintain environmental compliance and build its reputation as a green energy provider. Download Case Study.


Case Study | East Kentucky Power Cooperative

Learn how the East Kentucky Power Cooperative uses the Readily Accessible Parts Information Directory (RAPID) database to source spare parts and solve obsolescence issues. Download Case Study.


Case Study | John Sherman Cooper Power Plant

Find out how Cooper Power Plant uses the Fossil Operations Maintenance Information Service (FOMIS) knowledge base to promote knowledge transfer and solve the problem of information gaps across a changing workforce. Download Case Study.


Case Study | Wind Farm

A wind farm experienced a series of generator failures over a short amount of time. Using Curtiss-Wright's StressWave technology, the wind farm found early signs of degradation on a MW class wind turbine generator, resulting an approximately $155k in cost savings. Download case study.

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