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FOMIS Case Study | John Sherman Cooper Power Plant

Organization: The John Sherman Cooper Power Plant near Burnside, Kentucky has two coal-fired power generating units that produce 341 net megawatts and provide electricity to about 1 million Kentuckians.

Challenge: After installing pollution control equipment in 2012, the Cooper Power Plant changed from a baseload plant to a cycling plant that would shut down operations for two and three months at a time. The personnel needed to address information gaps on boiler layup, unit cycling processes, and the effect of the cycling on emissions-related chemistry in the units.

Solution: Cooper turned to Curtiss-Wright’s Fossil Operations and Maintenance Information Service for energy industry expertise.

Results: FOMIS is central to the ongoing upkeep and enhancements of the Cooper plant. Insights gained have helped the company respond quickly to emergencies, maintain aging equipment, avoid expensive de-rates, and comply with increasingly stringent environmental controls.

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