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Fluid Leak Management Program and Valve Packing Database

Leak prevention is vital to the efficient operation of any site. Curtiss-Wright’s SealPRO program helps users monitor and manage their system configurations, organize their packing database, track leaks, and schedule repair work, all from a remote location. SealPRO interfaces with existing technologies, minimizing entry time and maximizing operational insight through simple to track, easy to access data. This data can be shared across a fleet, between sites, or even directly with field workers, allowing users to transmit vital information where it is needed through a secure, fast network.


SealPRO helps customers significantly reduce man-hours needed on-site to track and monitor leak-related activities. SealPRO’s servers quickly update station’s work management systems, automatically tracking, trending, sorting, and reporting on any leak-related work or issues throughout all of the user’s sites, enabling users to better schedule work and pinpoint areas of efficiency loss. By eliminating man-hours both on-site and in data analysis, SealPRO makes maintaining optimal site conditions easy and safe.

Ease of information access is vital as plants operate and grow. SealPRO is web-based, making it accessible from any internet-enabled device, on or offsite. This feature means that no file installation is required, that there are almost no compatibility issues, and that SealPRO is constantly updating to contain the latest relevant information, even while users are out in the field. Additionally, Curtiss-Wright provides remote technical support 24/7 from our subject matter experts, keeping information up-to-date and users online and informed.

By providing both site-specific and aggregated data for users, SealPRO's user friendly technology allows users to compare and analyze data both at an individual site level and across an entire fleet. By automating and unifying site data into an entire fleet’s data, users can make informed decisions regarding site health, maintenance, and fleet structure as a whole, enabling them to maximize maintenance and workforce resources. This efficient form of planning resulting from SealPRO’s accurate, accessible data keeps sites operating at their highest efficiency.