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2015 Symposium Presentations

Keynote Presentations

Idaho National Laboratory - The Nation's Leading Nuclear Energy Laboratory - Presented by: Todd Allen, PhD, Deputy Laboratory Director for Science and Technology, Idaho National Laboratory

Small Modular Reactor Design and Deployment - Presented by George Griffith, PhD, Technical Business Development and Marketing, Idaho National Laboratory

Integrated Nuclear - Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems - Presented by: Shannon Bursting, PhD, Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems Lead, Nuclear Science and Technology, Idaho National Laboratory

Plant Optimization

Spinning Reserves - Presented by: Megan Parmelee, AECI and Greg Alder, Scientech

Predicting/Mitigating Impact of Boiler/HRSG Stress-Rupture Tube Failures - Presented by: Paul Klink, PASS/Energy, LLC

Predicting/Mitigating Impact of Boiler Fly Ash Erosion Tube Failures - Presented by Paul Klink, PASS/Energy, LLC

Effective Heat Rate Programs Achieved Through Asset Management Integration - Presented by: Rob MacNeil, Nova Scotia Power, an Emera Company

FAMOS - PdP Fleet Conversion - Presented by: James Herzau, Scientech

Implementing Sliding Pressure Operation, A study in Benefits, Challenges, Design and Tuning - Presented by: Don Parker, Provecta Process Automation

Throttle Valve Considerations - Presented by: Greg Alder, Scientech and Brian Davenport, Exelon

Utilizing PEPSE to Develop New DCS Setpoints Due to IP Turbine Stage Removal - Presented by: Don Parker, Provecta Process Automation

The R*TIME Presentations for the 2015 Symposium are located here.

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