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Fully Qualified, Safety-Related Digital Platform

Curtiss-Wright’s Digital Safety System is an NRC-approved, functionally and technologically diverse replacement for current analog and digital safety-related installation that can be installed under existing licensing rules. Through the use of FPGA and similar technologically advanced circuitry, Common Cause Failure and Cyber Security issues are eliminated. Comprehensive system diagnostics and health reporting functions similarly eliminate the need for online surveillance.

The Digital Safety System is built on the RadICS digital I&C platform, which is robust, flexible, and scalable. It provides state-of-the-art functions, services and safeguards for safety applications in the nuclear industry.


The Digital Safety System is a fully qualified, safety-related digital platform, exceeding all current NRC diversity, common cause failure, and cyber security requirements. It is a fully compliant replacement for existing analog and digital safety systems in use today. The scalable system is used to replace both safety-related and safety significant systems throughout the plant reducing training, maintenance, supply chain complexities and inventory management.

The Digital Safety System is approved by the NRC as a Functionally and Technologically diverse platform. Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) and Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) technology, this fully diverse platform is immune to both cyber infiltration and common cause failure issues that make licensing of other current digital systems problematic. Additionally, the system modules are engineered to manage the natural evolution of digital components yielding systems that evolve with technology and are supportable to the end of generation and beyond.

The Digital Safety System delivers continuous system functional diagnostics, health monitoring and performance indications for operations and maintenance staff. These built-in online features can eliminate the need for scheduled online surveillance activities and facilitate condition based maintenance yielding greater efficiency and efficacy of the maintenance staff.

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