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Obsolete Item Replacement Database

As the industry nuclear industry evolves, maintaining aging analog systems becomes increasingly difficult as system parts and components become obsolete or unavailable. Rather than trying to self-source a replacement or solution for an obsolete or rare part, the Obsolete Item Replacement Database (OIRD) delivers a searchable solution to facilitate the process. OIRD is the online resource for identifying obsolete and hard to find items, as well as finding their replacements and solutions. OIRD’s unique features not only allow for users to find replacements for these items and their solutions, but also allow users to share their needs with the industry, finding solutions to new obsolesce issues as they develop.


As equipment ages, it becomes harder to source replacement parts. Lack of information or communication between the industry and its suppliers often leads to frustrating searches for parts or solutions that may not yet exist, increasing cost and losing valuable time in the replacement of a part. To foster communication, OIRD has always focused on making its replacements and solutions widely accessible. This emphasis on not just informing its users of obsolete or hard to find items, but connecting its users to solutions and the companies who create them makes it an efficient and effective tool. This collaborative environment allows for growth both within and across industries. OIRD provides users with access to a wide array of suppliers across the industry, providing users with the expert help they need.

As industry need rapidly shifts, once accessible parts can suddenly become obsolete or hard to find, possessing longer lead times, higher prices, and even different qualifications or materials than their predecessors. This sudden shift costs both time and money to replace, often delaying work. OIRD allows for users to quickly and easily identify and document changes to parts as they develop, then quickly reference other user’s solutions for a more efficient answer. Even in the case where a solution has not been found yet, OIRD allows users to reach out for new cost effective solutions to these products, saving time and money in the process.

Rather than putting an obsolesce issue out for bid, OIRD uses its wide supplier base to allow multiple experienced companies to offer competitive solutions to users for items that have no current solution. These solutions can range from equivalent products, to refurbishment or repair, and even beyond the current industry. Not only does this support suppliers across the industry, it allows for the user to select the solution they feel is the best pick for their needs, and generates new ideas for the industry at large that other users can access in the future.

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