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Wireless Sensor Network for Data Processing and Analysis 

Fast, accurate data processing is vital to plant operations. The Curtiss Wright Wireless Sensor Network is designed to efficiently collect and process data from unwired systems. The security, reliability, robustness, inherent flexibility, and extended life cycle of these sensors make them the ideal choice for secure wireless technology, with each system able to support multiple networks within the plant using up to 50 communication channels.


The intelligent Wireless Sensor Nodes collect data from sensors and instruments located on plant equipment. They currently support sensors such as thermocouple, RTD, radiation, current loop and voltage devices, with custom sensor interfaces and multiple channel devices available. They also are available in single channel and eight channel configurations for certain sensors.

The Wireless Receiver Nodes aggregate data from the network for collection over the plant communication backbone, managing and reporting all network diagnostics, as well as any attempted intrusions. Each node supports up to 16 Wireless Sensor Nodes and manages data formatting for communication over the plant’s sensor system. The collected data is easily integrated in any standard database for use by all plant disciplines. Data presentation tools are provided to utilize data in a meaningful manner via graphing, trending, data reduction, data archive, multi-variable combination, analysis and report generation.

The Wireless Sensor Network offers a variety of presentation tools to facilitate user interaction and data analysis. The platform's data visualization tools include graphing, trending, multi-variable combination, and other presentation features to support reporting and data analysis.

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