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2020 Symposium Presentations

Curtiss-Wright's 2020 Symposium Conference was held in Clearwater, Florida from January 28th to 29th. It covered advances and updates in the FAMOS product suite, including PEPSE, PdP, and PMAX, as well as FOMIS.

Optimization and Performance

EAD Introduction - Presented by: Jim Herzau & Jim Gracely, Curtiss-Wright

Exelon Fleet Monitoring - Presented by: Jeff Marion, Exelon

Setting Effective Goals, KPIs and Metrics for Your PdM Program - Presented by: John Pucillo, Life Cycle Engineering

Exelon’s PPC Monitoring Improvement Initiative - Presented by: Paul Carlson, Exelon

R*TIME Historian - Presented by: Kevin Coble, Curtiss-Wright

Plant Optimization

Customer Support Portal - Presented by: Brent Young, Curtiss-Wright

Energy Loss Events - Presented by: Jeff Marion, Exelon

FAMOS Workshop – PdP - Presented by: Jim Herzau, Curtiss-Wright

Integration of APR and Thermal Performance Tools for Plant Performance Anomalies - Presented by: Hao Liu, PGE; Greg Alder, Curtiss-Wright

Day Ahead Forecasting - Presented by: Landon Pollard, AECI

Continuous Improvement of Efficiency through Performance Monitoring - Presented by: Nuriban Ortega, Mitsui & Co.

Wireless Instruments/New Tag Integration  - Presented by: Mike Greene, Nova Scotia Power

Monitoring & Diagnostic Center Technology: Transforming Equipment Reliability and Performance - Presented by: Bill Woyshner, Woyshner Services, Co., Inc.

Plant Performance

LEFM System Replacement and Standardization - Presented by: Kevin Rumbaugh, Exelon

R*TIME Viewer 5 - Presented by: Kevin Coble, Curtiss-Wright

Technical Presentation – D.C. Cook RCI Project - Presented by: Nick Neumann and Walt Hodge, AEP

R*TIME Roadmap - Presented by: Nathan Obuchowski and Brent Young, Curtiss-Wright

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