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2017 Symposium Presentations

Keynote Presentations

NuScale Power SMR: Supporting the Future with Clean Energy - Presented by Nils Breckenridge, Nu'Scale Power

Nova Scotia Power: Converging on Prognostics - Presented by Rob MacNeil, Nova Scotia Power, Inc

Plant Optimization & Performance

How PdP Enriches NSPI Maintenance Strategies - Presented by: Warren Rogers, Nova Scotia Power, Inc.

Purdue University Reactor Protection and Control System - Presented by: Clive Townsend, Purdue University and Robert Ammon, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division

Integrating PdP Recommendations into Nova Scotia Power's Asset Management Systems - Presented by: Mike Green, Nova Scotia Power, Inc.

RTP New Products (3000 TAS) - Presented by Eric Wagoner, RTP

D.C. Cook Reactor Controls and Instrumentation Upgrade - Presented by: Robert Ammon, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division

R*TIME Viewer Technology - Presented by: Robert Ammon, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division

FAMOS Tracker Features and Functions for Anomaly Resolution Status - Presented by Jim Herzau, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division

Plant Process Computer Pervasiveness - Presented by: Craig Crandall, Exelon Corporation

Rapid Utility Membership and FOMIS Fossil Operations and Maintenance Information - Presented by: Anthony Hull, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division

Is Nuclear Power Ready to Move to the Cloud? - Presented by: Michael Soroka - ATOM LOGIC

Virtualization as an Obsolescence Mitigation Strategy - Presented by: Tom Wachter, Exelon Corporation

Thermal Performance Indicators (TPI) Monitoring and Reporting Enhanced Using PEPSE - Presented by: Wen Wang, Ontario Power Generation

Cycle Isolation Module in PMAX - Presented by: Greg Alder, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division

Byron PPC RMS - The Scientech Version of the RM-11 Radiation Monitoring System - Presented by: Ron Abramowicz, Exelon Corporation

Training PEPSE Curves - Presented by: Greg Alder, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division

The R*TIME Presentations for previous Symposiums are located here.

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