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2018 Symposium Presentations

Keynote Presentations

Curtiss-Wright: Curtiss-Wright / Plant Performance - Presented by: Kurt Mitchell, Vice President and General Manager, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division

A Look Inside NWS Technologies and StressWave Application - Presented by: Brad Schulte, NWS Laboratory

Plant Optimization & Performance

Digitalization, 2018 and Beyond - Presented by: Jim Herzau, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Divison.

R*TIME Version 15 - Presented by: Brent Young and Erin Carroll, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division

RadICS Digital I&C Platform - Presented by: Anton Andrashov, Director, Radics LLC and Robert Ammon, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division

M&D Center Implementation of New Cycle Isolation Module - Presented by: Jeff Marion, Exelon Generation and Greg Alder, Curtiss-Wright

Exelon's PPC Lifecycle Strategy After 16 Years - Presented by: Paul Carlson, Exelon Generation

FAMOS Real Time Cooling Tower Monitoring - Presented by: Jeff Marion, Exelon and Greg Alder, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear

D.C. Cook Reactor Controls and Instrumentation Upgrade - Presented by: Walt Hodge, PE, American Electric Power Nuclear Generation Group

Introduction and 1F5 PPC Refresh - Presented by: Makoto Eguchi and Hidefumi Naito, TEPSCO

1F6 PPC Replacement - Presented by: Robert Ammon, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division

Wireless Networks, Advanced Analytics, and CBM - Presented by: Tony Paletta, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division

FAMOS Mobile Application 1.0 - Presented by: Mike Greene, Nova Scotia Power

Palo Verde Data Validation and Reconciliation - Presented by: Presented by: Katelin Kohn, True North Consulting, LLC

Inspection Preparations and Results, and North Anna and Surry R*TIME Historian Upgrade - Presented by: Paul Sucholet, Dominion Power

Monticello PPCS - Presented by: Russ Van Dell, Xcel Energy

R*TIME V16 - Presented by: Robert Ammon, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division

The R*TIME Presentations for previous Symposiums are located here.

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